Silvan Ridge Winery

DESIGNER: Kenneth O’Brien Design   |

When Silvan Ridge Winery’s Joseph Granados proposed the re-design of their current label package, he turned to Kenneth O’Brien Design for the makeover.  Joseph played a key role in the design development of the Silvan Ridge rebranding. He pointed out that many Oregon wines do not have a winery, so showing the winery building was a key selling point.

Kenneth created packaging appropriate to the brand’s price position that is based on quality, authenticity, sense of place, and the winery owner’s personal integrity.  The gold foil ridges and die-cut curve on the top of the label, as well as other design elements were all intended to reinforce the underlying concept of the unique ridge associated with the winery landscape.

“It was a true pleasure working with the group at Tapp Label and a real treat to see your printing experts in action. You exceeded my highest expectations in many ways. The labels are receiving rave reviews and are a major step forward for the Silvan Ridge brand.  We are super fortunate to have you printing these.  You guys are truly the best.”  – Kenneth O’Brien

SilvanRidegGoldSilver  SilvanRidge MedClose

The Silvan Ridge Winery label is printed on Classic Crest Natural White paper stock and includes gold foil, sculpted emboss for the illustration and wax seal and emboss on the “Silvan Ridge” name.

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