Case Study: Venteux

The large pattern on the Venteux labels had originally been created using a de-boss technique. The pattern was so large however that the de-boss created air pockets between the label and the bottle which during cold storage, caused the label to lift and bubble. To solve this problem, we suggested swapping the de-boss for a high-build varnish technique, and used a matte varnish to avoid a high-gloss shine. The new techniques helped maintain the original modern look of the label without the original post-production problems.

Working with Tapp has been an ongoing collaboration as our wine program evolves. We love creating new versions of our labels and Tapp’s state-of-the-art process allows us to tweak and refine each one until we have just what we’re looking for. Tapp’s ability to work with small producers on limited releases and to communicate effectively to meet deadlines is of the utmost importance to us and why we value this relationship so much.

Ryan Bonner, Venteux