Environmentally Friendly Label Solutions

Tapp Label has partnered with its key paper suppliers to offer our customers a great selection of premiumPost Consumer Waste (PCW) content papers. These papers are made into pressure sensitive constructions with water-soluble adhesives and recyclable liners. Coupled with our environmentally sensitive printing processes, labels produced on these papers have a very small environmental impact. Our offering of paper grades includes:
– Uncoated and coated stocks manufactured with 30% – 100% PCW fiber
– Biodegradable film stocks
– Water soluble adhesives
– Recyclable PET liners

Sokol Blosser Winery in Oregon is a leader in environmentally friendly practices with recognition of being USDA Organic, USDA and ODA certified, with a LEED Silver Level certified barrel cellar.

“We feel a sense of social responsibility in conducting our business and our lives the way we do. This is the only way we could imagine doing it. Not only are our methods healthier for the soil, the vines, and those of us who work in the vineyard, they also lead to better wines.” – Susan Sokol Blosser, Founder

Tapp Label collaborated with Sokol Blosser Winery printing their Evolution labels using the Monadnock ENVI® PCW100 Ultra White, Wet Strength, 100% PCW paper stock. The Evolution labels are printed on our UV Flexo presses and include a clear, high-build screen to accentuate specific graphics on the label. The Envi paper stock was also chosen for its durable, wet-strength attributes and holding up in a variety of wet conditions. The final result is a beautiful, eco-friendly package that both brand owners and consumers can feel makes a difference.

EvolutionBottles LoRes

How can Tapp Label make a difference in your environmental practices? Visit our website or call to find out more.  www.tapplabel.com   707-252-8300


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