TTB Requirements

TTB/COLA Requirements
Legal Sizes: Below are general guidelines for TTB legal type size requirements. Consult the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) for official requirements. *

Front Label
Varietal: 2mm x-height
Appellation: 2mm x-height
Alcohol: 1mm
Vintage: no size requirement

Back Label
Government Warning:
< 237ml: 1mm x-height (40 cpi) 237ml-3L: 2mm x-height (25 cpi) 3L>: 3mm x-height (12 cpi)
DBA: 2mm
Contains Sulfites: 2mm
Net Content: 2mm

When using upper and lower case, use x-height to measure height. Recommended to use all capital letters for legal info.


* It is the customer’s responsibility to adhere to official TTB label requirements when submitting their label files to Tapp.


File Requirements: If you’re preparing to submit your COLA approval, the TTB has some preparation guidelines to follow. Below are the basics that we provide if you ask us to supply your TTB images. For more detailed information about TTB requirements, visit

  • Front and back labels submitted separately
  • Labels cropped to size
  • Height and width measurements of each label in inches
  • An image of what the label will look like on a bottle render
  • JPEG format, RGB color mode
  • No larger than 450kb in file size
  • Resolution at 150 dpi

If you would like us to prepare your TTB images for you, let us know.