Press Approval Tips

Preparing for a Press Check: Help your press check go smoothly by following these tips:

Color Match: Keep press approval on track. Please provide color match at the time artwork is supplied so that we are ready for you when you get there.

Bottles: Color varies depending on bottle color. Please bring actual bottles, full and with capsule so that you can mock up your bottles with the labels.

Down Time: It takes an average of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for each color and/or plate change. Bring something to keep you occupied so that the time goes by faster.

Who is Making the Call: Color is subjective. Please send the person making the final color decision to the Press Approval so that final color can be determined at Press Approval.

Timing: Press approval set up time is hard to predict. We will let you know the press approval start time the day before so that you are not waiting for us to fine tune color.

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