Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines: When followed, these guidelines will help in the timely creation of your labels. Our digital specialists are available for consultation to help you setup your files so that your design vision is translated to us most effectively.

File Type: Tapp utilizes Illustrator, the industry standard software for packaging design. If labels are built in another program, artwork charges may occur.

Creating Files:

  • Create a layer for callouts, dieline, foil, emboss, artwork, type and background
  • Call out all ink colors, emboss, foil colors, size and dieline
  • Digital Press files: keep colors as Pantone, not CMYK build
  • Keep all elements 1/16″ within the dieline
  • If linked images bleed off label, please provide a bleed of 1/16″ beyond dieline
  • Scale, crop and rotate Photoshop files before importing into Illustrator
  • Use F.P.O. for UPC code. Our pre-press department will create actual bar code
  • Eliminate all unused elements and colors in files

What to Send:

  • Linked or embedded Photoshop files at 300dpi
  • All fonts (both printer and screen fonts)
  • Composite PDF with call-outs for all ink colors, foil colors, emboss and dimensions
  • Color print for images and color swatches/capsules for special match spot colors
  • Label positioning (relationship of front to back label: line up at top, bottom or center)


  • Does the claret bottle have a taper?
  • Does label fit on Burgundy bottle label panel?
  • Do you want us to match a capsule?
  • Stock specification
  • Foil specification

File Upload:

Please contact with any questions.