Luxury Techniques

Upscale Looks to set your label apart from others. Tapp Label is continually creating new printing techniques as solutions to your label design.


Pearlescent Spot & Coating on any Stock
Upscale look to set your label apart from others


Diamond & the Rough
Contrasting Smooth & Textured Surfaces
Accents of gloss on an uncoated stock evoke visual interest


Glitter Infused Luminosity
Inks change colors from different angles for eye catching designs


Smooth, Soft Look & Tactile Appeal
Overall velvet look for subtle design intrigue


High Luster Metallic
Metallic inks that really glitter on any stock


High Rise
Amplified Shine
Add extra interest to key elements on your label


Precious Metals
An Abundance of Shimmering Color
Cost effective foil in multiple colors on one label