Eco-Friendly Solutions

Printing Great Wine Labels & Conserving Water Since 1992
Tapp Label Technologies Inc. is dedicated to managing our business in an environmentally responsible manner. This same dedication is applied to providing our customers the highest quality, environmentally sensitive label solutions so they may achieve their sustainability goals.

Digital Offset Printing: The Digital Offset closed inking system does not require the addition of water and it utilizes all ink consumables, eliminating the need to dispose of press waste. In addition, all ink canisters are recycled, thus eliminating solid waste from our landfills.

With digital printing efficiencies, make-ready waste is virtually eliminated. They also further reduce the amount of solid waste introduced to landfills.

Waterless Offset: Tapp’s super premium Waterless Offset printing technology is one of the most environmentally friendly printing processes known today. Waterless Offset inks do not require the use of our most precious natural resource, water. This printing process also eliminates dampening-related volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are common among other offset printing technologies. Solvent-based press and blanket solutions, a significant source of VOCs in other processes, are unnecessary in waterless printing.

In a given year, Tapp generates less than 10 gallons of solvent-free ink waste on its Waterless Offset platform. This ink waste is safely neutralized by certified waste recovery service providers, and then recycled to make products such as cinderblocks.

Compared to the thousands of gallons of water waste generated in a year by other offset technologies, Waterless Offset is the true eco-friendly printing solution.

Flexographic Printing: Tapp’s premium UV Flexo printing platform utilizes solvent-free inks, eliminating VOC’s from the drying/curing process. UV Flexo ink is activated by UV light and unlike water-based flexo ink systems, it can be completely reused, resulting in very little treatable waste.

The Tapp UV Flexo “computer-to-plate” (CTP) plate making technology does not produce any chemical or solid waste by-products. Any remaining, unused plate material is returned to the manufacturer for re-use and recycling.

Environmentally Friendly Label Solutions: Tapp has partnered with its key paper suppliers to offer our customers a great selection of premium Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content papers.

These papers are made into pressure sensitive constructions with water soluble adhesives and recyclable liners. Coupled with our environmentally sensitive printing processes, labels produced on these papers have a very small environmental impact. Our offering of paper grades includes:

  • Uncoated and coated stocks manufactured with 30% – 100% PCW fiber
  • Biodegradable film stocks
  • Water soluble adhesives
  • Recyclable PET liners