Our customers and packaging designers are always looking for that “pop” to make their labels stand out in a crowded market space. With the clever use of printing effects, the wine label clearly conveys the quality of the wine in the bottle and is selected for purchase by the wine consumer.  Tapp’s new Digicon finishing press offers these printing effects and more! In fact the label solution possibilities are nearly endless!

One of the most popular and key features of our NEW Digicon converting press is the screen printing unit. This printing unit applies a clear, shiny dome over the label’s printed text and graphic images, amplifying their appearance on the label.  The screen printing unit is also used to create a “spot, shiny gloss” on an otherwise uncoated paper label surface. This effect draws eyes to the elements and images it is placed over.  The Cloisonne label featured above is a great example of how a spot, shiny gloss has accentuated the plant and dragonfly area, while also creating a beautiful, subtle pattern over the red color block.

Another feature of the new press that creates label design “pop” is printing spot colors of ink on top of foil. This solution is used many different ways to draw attention to the “champion” components of your label design.

We are excited to offer these and other exciting printing solutions to you.  Contact us to learn more about how we can add “pop” to your label!

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