Label Project Organizer
Label Project Organizer: We are here to help you through the process of getting your labels printed. Below are questions to help organize and gather your label information. Be the expert at your winery.

Contact us so we can help you get your label order started at or 707-252-8300.

Resources for your Label Project

  • Contact Info
  • Billing Address
  • Country (select)
  • Shipping Address
  • Country (select)
  • Label Information
  • Label Size: (Label may need to be different sizes to fit both your Claret and Burgandy bottle label panels)
  • Bottle 1:
  • Bottle 2:
  • Bottle Shape: (Check if your Claret bottle is tapered)
  • Paper Selection: (See Paper Selection PDF)
  • Foil and / or Emboss
  • Label PDF (See Label Sample Callouts PDF)
  • Color Match
  • Roll Size, Wind Direction & Format
    Please check with your bottling company for their requirements.
  • Dispense Direction: (See Wind Direction PDF)
  • Format:
  • Quantities:
  • Quantity - Vintage - Varietal
  • Checklist for Placing Orders
  • Account Manager:
  • If you have any questions, please call 888.834.8277