Shrink Sleeve Printing

The 360-degree wrap feature of shrink sleeve labels can conform to virtually any unusually shaped container. Shrink sleeves are your best choice to create bonus packs, attach samples or include other incentives to your containers. Combination packs can help you increase sales and reduce slow-moving inventory.

  • Food / Beverage Packaging
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Bottles
  • Household Products
  • Wine / Beer / Spirits Bottles

Shrink sleeve technology allows you to outfit your product with perforated tamper evidence wrap and tear tape preforms. You can select a clear, white, metallic or printed sleeve to match your product for a secure, professional appearance. Your customers can be assured that your product is fresh and their children are protected from ingesting potentially unsafe goods.


Easy to customize. Easy to adjust. Shrink sleeves are easy to customize and are printed with high-quality offset technology. Select your film substrate and customize your design. You can adjust your order if you need to make changes to your graphics. We offer order volume flexibility with shrink sleeve printing so you can request any quantity to suit your ordering needs. We can even do one-off test samples.